better economics that everyone but the rich sociopaths will benefit from

just a link to a piece written by a man called Richard Murphy, a professor of accounting at Sheffield university,

it’s not just the UK but the world would benefit from this, and would help the rich maintain their wealth without hurting the health of all people:

give it a read, it’s hard sometimes but with this I will plead,

if you care about your kids, their future, their needs,

then you will refuse to comply to those that ally,

with the rich and the ignorant, destroyers of innocence,

the war wagers and law breakers,

that stole the resources of our world,

to hoard all the wealth in their ranks and offshore banks,

this will not, cannot be sustained,

the rich need this to be explained,

that what they do will not succeed,

when the planet has started to bleed.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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