the day that I fear

when one day they trio,

the concepts of classic computing,

the ingenious machine learning,

and mystical quantum superpositioning,

is the day I will truly worry what it’ll say!

“..he is what, he likes what, he’s not his..”

a nonsensical cyclic being,

trapped in the madness of sanity,

not a great bloke, just part of the kind folk.

the one that took care of his responsibilities,

even if it kills his knees.

“..when they stop killing the bees, if you please, I’ll stop the attack by cthulhu..”

there you go, bet you didn’t think that was coming,

that the poet knew something other than mumbling,

never let anyone know what you’re grumbling,

that’s the lesson here, now go have a cold beer.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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