twitter really gets my goat

paranoid delusion maker,

sanity piss taker,

useless bag of smells,

mouthless yells,

echo chamber of failure,

enabler of bad behaviour,

home of the trolls,

heaven without souls,

ignorer of the best,

promoter of the pest,

pointless effort,

noiseless desert,

virtual cesspit,

time stealing halfwit,

tweeter the monster,

one without honour,

bye bye,

just die,




so why do I keep coming back,

to the infinite cul de sac,

of half thought truths,

repetitive hoots,

downright lies,

cold french fries,



thumb panting?


must go,

phone went twit,

I really must quit.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString
help me out on twitter, please

May all those who have recently passed be blessed and take rebirth in the heavenly realms, may those that are left to grieve find peace and happiness.

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