conversation overheard

about the mass herd,

“..the old toss..”

“..write it off boss..”

a billion goes missing,

who’s faults it,

who’s listening?

they pull law from the air,

like it’s really there.

they crush the truth down,

until it’s thoroughly ground.

give you rich biscuit,

tell you there’s no limit,

bringing nothing but strife,

with their self-evident bribe.

want answers?

then question,

until the silence deafens,

keep going,

until there’s nothing but croaking.

the end approaches,

always carry that pain,

wear it as a shield,

wear it down, wear it out,

let it fall down the drain.

still here,

I feared

you’d think again.

there’s so many voices,

all different and unique.

all from different choices

never found, seek.

step away from the caste

“..that formed from your ass..”

“..profound bitlets..”

“..stupid titbits..”

“..flown from your flaps..”

all nonsense,

no common sense,

just an old fool,

“..still living old tool?.”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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