capitalist vs socialist

AI generated image of four humans wearing swimming costumes, gender is not clear

a redefinition based on no one in particular,

“..I have most of the honey..”

“’s your customer’s..”

“..government’s tax money..”

“..grifted by decree..”

“ the wicked witch of milk theft..”

“ minister of the iron cleft..”

tax payments we make

so good neighbourhoods take shape,

it’s a good price to pay

a socialist may say.

“..I will pay my way and others must be free to do the same..”

neoliberalist claptrap!

“..the old man’s kneecaps..”

like, “..I’m sorry you’re upset..”

or, “’s regretful, pet..”

all neoliberalist narcissism,

will be the only thing we say.

no farages
drinking in

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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