identity: widowed, once human

An illustration of a black cloaked character holding up a heart shaped butterfly

shadow of one who existed,

personality non-specific,

damned to be apart,

no peace for the wicked.

identity: vampire almost human:

hidden beneath vulnerable flesh,

it’s a dissociated distortion,

human enough to die,

not dead enough to flee.

identity: old monk who’s seen enough:

always there in the background,

as close to “me” as “I” get,

been here too many odd years,

and believes it’s time get.

identity: the serene one:

she’s beautiful and quick,

always green,

born from empty fire,

welcome my red queen.

identity: the autistic person:

brains that fail at small talk,

inflammatory conditions a plenty,

not gonna live,

well not as long as enties.

identity: human:

just something with hormones,

skin, blood and senses,

heartbeat that bounces,

full of bones and juices.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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