only the peaceful survive

houses of parliament mirroring Mordor, satirising the fascist descent of the UK

in the event of an apocalypse,

remember to keep your knees bent,

put your head down,

“..kiss ya ass goodbye!.”

the first of us all,

the ones that build walls,

were not the first,

not the cleverest,

misinterpreted a comet hitting us.

they knew how to farm,

could build some big stuff,

all from nothing but stone.

before it was bliss,

climate unchanging,

hunting borders,

and rarely objecting

to lots of killing.

sounds familiar?

abandon this hope,

the earth is no joke.

it’s been screwed again,

by the faithful to the old poke.

imagine the trees,

imagine some bees,

imagine we shoved them,

where the sun don’t shine.

covered ourselves in honeycomb,

ran into a ditch,

and died with bad piss.

these are the actions of madmen,

the crying ramblings of the helpless,

the dying words of the hopeless.

when times are good,

be mindful of the truth,

as suffering turns again

to face anger and fear,

the most hateful of our cares.

why hold on to the hot coal?

empty our bowl,

gain peace in the quiescence.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

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