dare to dream

a hideous grinning putrid flesh coloured balloon sits on a perpendicular stick, displaced characters wander aimlessly around it

those that scream,

die in gutters,

ate by nutters.

draw their eulogy

with crude marks,

colour blank barks,

ignoring the brutality,

ignorance of morality.

“..in a place high up..”

“..a puppet was stuck..”

“..their name only known..”

“..the only banal grown..”

{..give your gift to someone else..}

{..your world is disconnected from deaths..}

{..where’s mother nature?.}

{..scientific creator?.}

{..we haven’t gone and done it again!?}

dare with dreams?

I hear the screams,

the fear that creeps here,

a nation’s own health.

the poor will be gone,

and with them our tradition

of compassion and wisdom.

being rich is a curse,

burning in the worst,

all wealth an illusion,

the inevitable conclusion,

power’s snatch

flashed at the back,

and away to crave more,

a haunting gore.

question please,

consuming greed,

uncontrolled desire,

animal fighter,

all alone,

completely retired.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

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