perception of leadership

untrustworthiness in that pit,

they’d literally put me under a bus,

there’s no trust,

in truss.

even the blanks ain’t sure,


I’m white, but not right,

“..scarred like a clown..”

“..something not bright enough to take down?.”

race is important to them,

they use this arbitrary quality

dictate their dictates.

so be it,

“..we call them racists..”

“..fascists, fanatics, misogynistic lunatics!.”

they deserve to be at the margins,

they’re views are criminal,

“..we need their laws, eh?.”

they’re views run stuff.

we let them, they win,

it’s a war between the meek and the wrong.

meek in that we seek,

peaceful solution at least.

“ you dance?.”

“..I saw the fae once..”

“..the dark fae of the night..”

“ simple, so bright..”

“ deadly in their spite..”

“..the dance is no secret..”

science only sees what’s out there,

it has no idea of the universe in here.

the vastness of the emptiness,

“..the music of the sexiness..”

the duality that destroys freedom,

“..the endless suffering tedium..”

free yourself while you can,

“..put my fire out, man..”

in the scorching of our land,

oil barons and their clans.

“..will call us pansies..”

“..ham sandwiches..”

“..vomited with blood..”

don’t like blood much,

bit weird to touch,

prefer life to keep it’s life,

“..prefer the cycle to carry on?.”

as humans we know

“..we’re special..”, we crow.

is gender human,

do animals care?

“..there are dogs that stare..”

“..little hole for a peepshow..”

“..old lipstick on a chair..”

“..dirty scoundrel, old throne..”

“..biggest fucking bone!.”

some call them demons,

maras of the mind,

something special,

something unkind,

“..let them lead from behind!.”

“..duality stinks big..”

“..venerated pig..”

“..look at the porker..”

“..mouth full of water..”

“ their brains are most with..”

perception of leadership

now don’t get me wrong,

their trusses aren’t strong,

they’re fighting little racists,

“ being one of them!.”

do you believe it?

“ I fuck!.”, shit!

they have no integrity,

full of cruelty,

by definition.

are you christian?

maybe church of england?

I’m not, “..but I like tea and clots..”

they’re fine, “ you spy..”

“..your people are dying..”

“..the leaders ain’t crying..”

“..they ceased to care..”

“..they just stare..”

and stare.

it’s all they can do,

“..they’re incompetent fools!.”

“..why don’t we have an elected medical professional in charge of the department of health?.”

“..blasphemy! now say sorry..”

make me, “..mine’s warm beer and curry..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

why do I have faith?

there once was a boy called wavey,

who liked nothing more than gravy,

he stuck his head up a tree,

just to see,

if he really was immortal.

didn’t happen,

but I know what did.

a quiet lad,

not bad,

quite sad,


then along came peace,

then love and happiness,

then failure and release,

can’t hold on to what was never there.

my illusions are delusions,

when I see them I fear,

maybe someone else steer,

while we fly off the pier?

that’s why.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

who is superior?

the one who shouts

about the inferior?

the one who punches out?

the one who caves in,

confused and distorting,

as their world stops spinning,

nothing supporting.

the superior who admits it,

knows little of ruling,

“..they’d rather flick the clit..”

“..dirty old git..”

“..pants full of shit..”

“ dying in their own mess..”

maybe not so brutal,

be pleasant, be beautiful,

be at peace in your mind,

be kind,

be thoughtful about the pest,

they need saving by the best.

“..they’re doomed to failure..”

“..their castles so familiar..”

“..just fade off..”

be gone disturbed, “..misturbed..”

“..histurbed..” old turd,

they stired, “..they feared..”

be at peace with all things,

“ the shepherd with wings?.”

mara’s out tonight,

to some absolute delight,

just breath, “..old dear..”

“ may turn queer..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

an artist’s statement

been playing with AI,

producing and wondering fly,

the thought did hit,

isn’t this shit,

the artist is out of business.

so I ran the training,

on my own work straining,

and to my surprise,

AI did compromise,

and lacked everything that made it me.

so I tried again,

trained it to be my brain,

but it failed to amuse,

it gave me the blues,

maybe I’m still an artist all the same?

turns out my work is unique,

too simple a physique,

so I picked up my pen,

and went inking again,

and felt relieved that I was useful to myself.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the untold titles

there’s work unseen,

dark chromium green.

the king of the fae,

spoke something today,

ideas of the terminally stupid.

so here’s some brays,

it may take your gaze:

“..I hear my heart beat..”

“..if I was a tulpa what would I be?.”

“ autistic grieves..”

“..thump your thymus..”

“..does quantum uncertainty explain nature’s fractals?.”

“..isolating lockdown..”

“..what dya call a race to the lowest common denominator?.”

“ could be worse..”

“..most people scare me..”

“..who gets to decide if someone else is a boy or girl..”

“..this is a fight between the right wing and decent people..”

“..I wish my government was boring..”

“..when did you really realise your parents were people?.”

“..why I came to the conclusion it’s all the Romans fault..”

“..has anyone ever wondered what having only animals for company feels like?.”

“ liz we truss..”

“..fruity time loops..”

“..just leave ’em to fight amongst themselves..”

“..they reaps, wanton sows..”

“..what’s your type?.”

“ Elon Musk a time traveller?.”

“..step away from the diseased neoliberalist..”

“..ever wonder if this is the afterlife?.”

“..past for some..”

“ ambiguity is meaning..”

“..there’s always different types of people..”

“..the successful johnsonite..”

“..when I was at school..”

“..phrases phases..”

“..they sold people..”

“..capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich..”

“..if it’s destroyed so be it..”

“..helpfully viral..”

“..not everyone’s built to be near people..”

“..I’m a Buddhist idiot..”

“..(no title)..”

“..metformin and redbull..”

“’re a bot until you show compassion..”

“ the real world we have something called copy rights..”

“..fae muse..”

“..would John McClane watch Die Hard?.”

“..a mantra of the empowered..”

“ liz we truss!?”

these titles are offered without right of mine,

take them and shove them where the sun don’t shine,

write an amazing piece,

full of shite and wool grease,

wet patches in the undies,

a new fresh breeze,

give me some relief,

something about a fig leaf,

and having fun within.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

a middle journey

for all those that have lost someone and still have hope in the future

a middle journey

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

May all those who have recently passed be blessed and take rebirth in the heavenly realms, may those that are left to grieve find peace and happiness.

my NFTs are worth more than my actual work

I’m an artist, and my work,

for want of a better word,

is worth little to most,

I thought I was toast.

then along came the bitman,

that alluring addiction,

of stake proof,

off my roof.

that fossil freeish,

(not quite yettish)

the smug abdication,

“..I’m superhuman!.”

comforted by superstition,

“, don’t be daft..”,

“..u go up ur own 🍆..”

“ watching television?.”

can the value of a poem written digitally,

be measured in nft-utility?

what if the deadly screenshot,

was worth one-ETH per crackpot?

a mumble in the jungle,

a MATIC fumble,

really nifty,

wallet swifty,

cuddly undead,

little bunkbed,

scared sunshine,

like a porcupine,

with steel-like surpine.

so in mocking my way,

I fail to support anyone,

“..dumb one..”

we need to have hope,

“..from now on my n(u)fties..”

“..will make your toes go fl(i)fties..”

“..your nose smell g(u)lfties..”

“..and may your eyes close t(i)ftlies..”

hoping that humanity,

isn’t growing in capacity,

for owing in so much morality,

“..the audacity!.”

“..telling us old’uns we’re shit..”

“..while we shit where we sit..”

“..stupid old git..”

but we still love them,

they’re family, we know them,

we may be them one day,

when all we had’s gone away.

left with our minds,

nothing else to find,

our thoughts dissolve away,

to never return to that day,

just a memory,

long lost fantasy,

myths of reality.

reality lost,

love labours tossed,

prefer the thirty second fame blob,

the attention absorbing media hog.

promote this, promote crap,

go through escrow,

bollocks to that!

this ain’t a fake voice,

this is my real face,

an angry autistic,

not a pacifist makeshift.

the almost elder goth rocker,

the old one with the tiktoker.

those shadows are back in the corner,

don’t look, fairies dancing,

prancing in the eco dust,

antennas pointing menacing..

mischief wanting most,

Fae, gods, whatever,

dark entities from the other,

tulpa rainstorms claim virgin,

the joy is a given,

never taken,

just watch more closely,

for shadows that cling mostly..

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString