only meet on peaceful ground

a sextet of forest illustrations

evening of laments,
past projected remnants,
mindfulness might be good,
maybe some food.

scrolling window blinds,
growling stomach finds,
mindfulness might be good,
probably need food.

they might like me,
have I got the key?
mindfulness is good,
just don’t forget the food.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

no hunt no chase

four photorealistic AI images of weather worn stone statues of hominid faces

no shame no face,

no worries no fears,

no hope no cheers.

just sent,

just went,

now spent,

now meant.

no more no pleading,

no tears no bleeding,

no selfish no problems,

no false no toxins.

just here,

just air,

now flare,

now care.

no future no history,

no grasping no misery,

no reality no longer,

no slumber no former.

just rest,

just bliss,

now friendships,

now defend this.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

I can’t wear that mask

AI generated image of a person wearing an all over face mask

my fangs poke out,

there still needs to be life

beneath the holes and the night.

not shadow,

not light,

never so bright,

down in hollows,

below follows,

in the dead of the night,

the ones that burns bright,

dance circles over the ground,

and grant great peace

to all those around.

bloke is a mask that scares me, alright,

guy never really tells me,

but dude is blessed by the fae.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

remember twitter

AI generated illustration parodying political campaigns

myspace livejournal tumblr

ruined by the idiot trumpeter

target the verified

for the privilege to be themselves

now full of bullshit

and far right prose

nothing but an echo chamber

of deluded neanderthals

drinking each others toxicity

from each other’s arseholes

was once a connection point

for the kind heart voiced

now lost on mastodon

discorded tribel activism

uncontrolled by elitism

it’s an extinction rebellion

watch as the culprits

boil in their effluence

one day they will say

sapiens were a mistake

now the diverse will take center stage

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

fluid sexually

don’t get it the wrong way,

jokingly druid,

maybe fae.

dust particles,

find an ally,

arcanum’s touch

clear and peaceful sky.

shadow creatures,

gentle high,

features grow,

don’t die.

final thought,

metaphorical black eye,

tossed trifle,

love don’t pass me by.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

nft better than reality

in the combined dust

of the trust we place

on the virtually realised

may be misplaced?

my body’s made of stuff,

feels quite rough,

“ unbaked steak..”

“..all sinew and mistakes..”

it doesn’t work right,

so when it creates

it’s a miracle I state,

while everyone else ignores it.

“..poor little snowflake..”

“..can’t lead a country..”

“’re a fake!.”

“..imposture syndrome I bet..”

“..e.r.g’s little pet..”

sure it’s political,

sounds like an excuse to blame others,

never take the hit,

existence is better when fit,

“..let the losers die in their shit..”

“..nothing to do with me..”

can’t you see?

the world is shit “..cuz ya made it..”

in being unique,

we lost our physique

to slave owners

with stars on their tummies.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

proud woke-a-naut

of the anti-growth cohort,

always remoaning

the extent of the staining.

remaining resolute,

right to my root

that the powers that be

have never represented me.

forty nine years

of their grifted fears

that some day

they’ll take me away.

so of course I defend

the rights of my friends

defend kindness always

until the end of my days.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

goth gen x

not antisocial,

just nonsocial.

not darkness,

just dark.

sounds pessimistic,


or sadistic?


but not here,

we prefer beer.

(if I drank it)

late 70s,

brown beiges,

colourful hair,

a mad stare.

that’s what I saw,

the desperately poor,

twisted middle mask,

pissed off with their class.

grange hill,

blue peter,

newsround repeater.

machine gunners,

magic boxes,

pigs on horses.

custard pies,

flan flingers,

davidson before dinner?


yaffle waffles

about nothing at all.

autistic like forever,

this world thinks it’s clever,

“ ain’t, it stinks..”

“..we’re all gonna sink!.”

so clever we’re sterilising

the planet from human beings!

“..duh, yeah, it’s the capitalist over there..”

the one that’s sitting right here.

“..are you sure?.”

only others define so,

“’s just darker..”

far darker,

“..than anything they know..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

inclined to bow

rather than be hit in the mouth,

stay lower than their snout,

just to avoid the clout.

not because I’m weak,

but because I can sneak,

mask like a geek,

pretend to be meek.

once saw the potential,

crossed out with red pencil,

no demerit for this autistic,

they’re quiet and mystic.

“..more like devious and scientific..”

“..are they sure they understand it?.”

“..never mentions emotions..”

“..must be an incomplete person..”

I know of feelings,

I know of grief,

the longing for release,

from pain that won’t cease.

know suffering,

know causes uncomforting,

know cessation of pain,

never let it happen again.

“..Buddha said it better..”

“ stick to your swearing..”

I’m real, I’m center,

I’m alone, still grieving.

it doesn’t end for me,

my mind always reminded,

of that which I’ve seen.

no distractions work,

I’ve fixated on the worst,

this is suffering of the lucky.

“..first rate problem..”

“ first world people..”

history may write,

the winners are right,

“ looks old and white..”

I may be white, advantaged and bright,

but my face bares marks,

my mind draws sparks,

the tory don’t like me,

but that’s a different story.

so now I bow,

to protect against the worst,

the rise of the deluded

monster in myself.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString