look act feel secrets

nine human faces arranged in an irregular grid

no need to analyze why,
simply felt,
feelings are true.

the need to ask why,
doubtless sceptic,
wary of truth.

watch the clouds pass,
blissful eclectic,
abandoning the proof.

kept behind closed doors,
funking spasms,
holding the passions.

go freeform you see,
just two,
maybe just three.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

truthfully felt

a big cat profile picture

why do they exist,
I mean feelings that is,
the hard done dealt,
the sorrowful one dwelt.

surely it only matters
if they’re true?

if the main point
is to sense the moment,
why do we
do it again?

each moment feels
unique in its stills,
a perfect capture,
a blissful chapter
continuing to everything else.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

conspiracy theory

an illustration of a blue skinned character wearing a half skull mask

what are they doing,

hiding in their ruins,

treasure of watchful eyes,

wishing we would believe

whatever we want to

just to keep sanity alive.

their secret is no secret,

they wait in the wings,

while we get distracted

by stupidity and grins.

no clandestine plan,

no idea from the man,

his name is his king,

more wealth for his clan.

no leaders of people,

city street oil,

snake soiled,

substance so feeble.

cast their shadow elsewhere,

go now,

don’t care,

mangled bullingdozer,

successful loser,

mourning the flare.

memory of time gone,

blaming everything

but the one thing

that’s to blame for it all.

their distraction theory,

they distract us daily,

clouding clarity,

bringing misery,

and mental suffering

of every kind.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

don’t ask

don't ask, nonsense art depicting the emotional turmoil of two people who are exact clones of each other, the two clones fancy each other something rotten, trending in Woman's Weekly

about this,
don’t vocalise,
time flies,
feelings masked,
just resist.
won’t rise,
just missed.
welcome back,
them eyes,
don’t yack,
read cries.
find peace,
suffering ceased,
sunrise east,
never dies.
on track,
cut back,
pass again.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

dare to dream

a hideous grinning putrid flesh coloured balloon sits on a perpendicular stick, displaced characters wander aimlessly around it

those that scream,

die in gutters,

ate by nutters.

draw their eulogy

with crude marks,

colour blank barks,

ignoring the brutality,

ignorance of morality.

“..in a place high up..”

“..a puppet was stuck..”

“..their name only known..”

“..the only banal grown..”

{..give your gift to someone else..}

{..your world is disconnected from deaths..}

{..where’s mother nature?.}

{..scientific creator?.}

{..we haven’t gone and done it again!?}

dare with dreams?

I hear the screams,

the fear that creeps here,

a nation’s own health.

the poor will be gone,

and with them our tradition

of compassion and wisdom.

being rich is a curse,

burning in the worst,

all wealth an illusion,

the inevitable conclusion,

power’s snatch

flashed at the back,

and away to crave more,

a haunting gore.

question please,

consuming greed,

uncontrolled desire,

animal fighter,

all alone,

completely retired.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

kink of the mind

cartoon of a cuboid head with three blank eyes and big smiling teeth runs on it's spindly legs through a possible warzone

is nothing of the kind,

if minds come to touch,

too beautiful to crush.

not enough to cause harm,

more life than the sun,

a spark of light

sparkles at night.

are you sapio?

why read this?

only the curious

would like me doing this.

no link,

we think,

to kink.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM