dare to dream

a hideous grinning putrid flesh coloured balloon sits on a perpendicular stick, displaced characters wander aimlessly around it

those that scream,

die in gutters,

ate by nutters.

draw their eulogy

with crude marks,

colour blank barks,

ignoring the brutality,

ignorance of morality.

“..in a place high up..”

“..a puppet was stuck..”

“..their name only known..”

“..the only banal grown..”

{..give your gift to someone else..}

{..your world is disconnected from deaths..}

{..where’s mother nature?.}

{..scientific creator?.}

{..we haven’t gone and done it again!?}

dare with dreams?

I hear the screams,

the fear that creeps here,

a nation’s own health.

the poor will be gone,

and with them our tradition

of compassion and wisdom.

being rich is a curse,

burning in the worst,

all wealth an illusion,

the inevitable conclusion,

power’s snatch

flashed at the back,

and away to crave more,

a haunting gore.

question please,

consuming greed,

uncontrolled desire,

animal fighter,

all alone,

completely retired.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

future light

an ethereal person emerging from a gelatinous state

evolution towards the bright,

translucent night,

descendant’s right.

if given the choice

between eugenic’s voice

and kindness given,

I choose the latter,

the god-like position.

in cruelty is born

the demons we scorn,

the dark history we’d share

with those down there.

the shame of neglect

of the empathic connect

that favours the progress

that brings angels success.

belief makes little difference,

the causality is definite.

those that live by virtue

may be revered by the few,

but those that live by the faults

will be hated by all.

nightmares in hell,

feelings forever can tell,

the killers, the thieves,

the rapists and their deeds,

will bring their own brands,

the toxicity of their plans,

poisoning minds

and the hatred just climbs.

the peaceful seek rest,

in their actions they test.

did I travel light,

did I stop my plight?

or did I give in,

let my desires win?

© Copyright 2022, IsatTM

an invitation

giant bluish stupa with the moon in the middle of a lake

ask without “me”,
selfishness’ seed,
be truthful,
do you wander useful?

unconditioned kindness,
without forcing the test,
just ask with compassion,
giving mind,
promise of wisdom.

guide your mind
to the search
to be kind,
to be powerful
beyond aggression.

stopped all faults,
now clarity of intentions,
seen old age die,
seen joy fly,
seen samsara’s cruel mission.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

there’s always three

the object,

the observer,

and the inbetween.

the middle bit,

the space magic,

the stars that can’t be seen.

james web is fascinating,

the furthest we’ve seen,

but there’s so much more,

beyond our eyes cry,

the endlessness of why.

how did it happen?

how was it created?

why did they do it?

what’s their intended?

“..the creator cannot be questioned..”

why would they be bothered?

“..like an ant asking why the human stepped on their sister..”

ignorance of the truth,

ignorance of the wisdom,

ignorance of the knowing,

ignorance of never forgetting.

never forgetting the desire,

for more stuff for the pyre,

the results of all endeavours,

in this endless cycle of samsara.

cycles in cycles,

suffering with no end,

round in circles,

always repeating the same mistakes,

without rest.

seek the teachers,

seek the carers,

“..seek the meek..”

if you like.

search for kindness,

search for compassion,

seek the humble,

“..seek the passion?.”

the passion for the truth,

“..can’t handle the truth!.”

maybe play the fool?

I can do this,

I learnt it at school.

indoctrination by society,

to be gentle and kind,

“..not all dirty and slimed..”

converse with the idiot,

maybe not miscreants?

be kind, be compassionate.

learn this wisdom,

make it habit,

make it tradition.

a great people are born

of kind deeds

they have sown.

be great,

be proud,

be dignified

in the crowd.

“..forced to patriot..”

“..swear allegiance to an idiot!.”

“..the failed rich boy..”

“..asking for reassurance?.”

let’s steer clear of the rich,

they’re madder all year.

but if the rich happen to glitch,

maybe actually trickledown,

their economics itch.

maybe we’ll want statues?

great people who helped everyone,

no selfish rules breaking down

into bedlam.

great people who shared all,

no matter how small.

great people who feared none,

“..they know what they’ve done..”

been better than themselves,

the greatest humbler of them all,

to know that their future

won’t thank a miscall.

change it,

it’s our mind,

and to sound like a cliché,

always be kind.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

who is superior?

the one who shouts

about the inferior?

the one who punches out?

the one who caves in,

confused and distorting,

as their world stops spinning,

nothing supporting.

the superior who admits it,

knows little of ruling,

“..they’d rather flick the clit..”

“..dirty old git..”

“..pants full of shit..”

“..now dying in their own mess..”

maybe not so brutal,

be pleasant, be beautiful,

be at peace in your mind,

be kind,

be thoughtful about the pest,

they need saving by the best.

“..they’re doomed to failure..”

“..their castles so familiar..”

“..just fade off..”

be gone disturbed, “..misturbed..”

“..histurbed..” old turd,

they stired, “..they feared..”

be at peace with all things,

“..be the shepherd with wings?.”

mara’s out tonight,

to some absolute delight,

just breath, “..old dear..”

“..you may turn queer..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

my guide passed

I’m a fortunate one,

I found my teacher,

not a preacher,

a friend,

someone to commend.

no judgements,

just advice,

with all my vice.

encouraging me to be better,

always there when I despair,

with words that sincerely care.

physical body now dust,

his mind that I trust,

passed into light,

life’s stark daylight.

I was lost,

all effort felt tossed,

then I saw he’s still here,

taking away all fear,

and joking about my shortcomings.

illuminating the darkness,

with light-hearted knowingness,

still powerful in mind,

with a heart of an unparalleled kind,

may you always be here,

and help dispel all this fear,

giving as you’ve always done,

always so clear.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

hello mum

every living being has been,

countless others in the past,

all of those others,

have been my mothers,

wasn’t that nice?

sometimes they just mothered,

most of the time they’ve saved,

cradled me in my cries,

died to keep me alive.

all have done this countless times,

what have I done for myself?

I have followed my dreams,

down stinking pits of screams,

been the richest there was,

ignoring the poor,

killed animals to eat,

sometimes just cuz I can,

stolen more than I’d ever need,

been the cruelest you’ve seen,

said words that have destroyed,

rejoiced in those I demised,

died scared and torn,

regretting I’d been born,

been to hell after hell,

only with brief relief,

been a god for a time,

long before this world of mine,

that’s what I’ve done for myself!

all others have been kinder,

to me as my mothers,

than I could ever do for myself.

in this wisdom I rest,

take a deep breath,

and find answers to free everyone else.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

a positive thought can make all the difference

so much to breakdown here!

what is the definition of positive that makes most sense to the sensibly minded?

what do we mean by thought?

what is the meaning of being different?

should I answer this question, I’m only a poor ignorant fool who once thought himself important,

turns out there was really no inherently existing self dating back to whatever.

what was left was in no sense important, ultimately.

instead lay a vast field of noise, all voices crying out,

with barks and their families, they need some more peace.

how I detest the loud cheers to history’s sneers, it’s just that, less than a memory.

if I don’t remember why am I being told my history, by someone else, holy f!

I don’t enchant their false praise on those that trampled leis?

it’s in their deep nature to live and die by the word,

who’s word gives us extolment?

who do we speak for as we tap our strange tune?

the drum beats of doors slammed in kitchens and draws,

the hum of 50 something buzzing our brains,

we need less distract,

it’s a good reaction to crave less for our cave.

eastenders just waves an old cockney mindset,

you know, thick set and upset.

I mean no tease, this is just what I see,

I see right wing press readers moping up sales pitch.

earn more money to spend more money,

less a circle, more a spiral tunneling into the ground.

if we don’t stop it, it will break us apart,

every fragment of bone.

nothing left now, we burn,

from the last throws of the last sun.

so bright, not here now, just darkness and old light.

this is the future of this world,

every solar system, galaxy and universe, eventually evaporates into the never.

lost forever, just because we were looking the wrong way!

our noise is deafening the silence of our own lay.

wait and listen for long enough you’ll hear the greatest of wisdom,

telling nothing but tales of some idiot boiled turd.

take me for a nutter, you will find peace now, old girl,

you are safe now in the refuge of the widest of palms.

the one that’s so vast we just don’t get it,

we don’t see it, taste it, or eat it.

we’re primates, we like sticking stuff into our mouths, it’s dire really!

clearly this isn’t for the respectable voyeurs, they prefer something more polite,

but more out of spite, they can be rallied to fight.

only gods know such things, that stings in the hustings.

get them out, do they need a clout?

I advise against all violence, offer that to the prince.

I hope not, that clot!

in charge of the new royals,

king Alexander, aye, go piss to the sky!

go to Mars if you want boys, go play with your toys!

just leave us now,

go with a bow,

we’ll clap for your triumphs, they don’t cost us much,

as you go live in your space turnips.

why don’t I trust the pail phrasing of musk meta-ring and zucks gone flux.

grey men armoured cabs, those that pick off the scabs,

the ones that look possessed by a curse of grazing the purse.

just be careful of the voice that guides your own,

question it, the one that sits and listens to us.

they will be kind and compassionate,

just find your OWN way.

© Copyright 2022, InkeyString

infinity + infinity = infinity [∞+∞=∞]

» ∞-∞=∞ = 0 ¿?

scale invariance?

doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

conformal field theory?

m-theory sounds like a 90s socially aware funk soul dance combo.

CFT and ya membranes don’t make human sense, how does this relate to me and my experiences?

do I need a degree in physics just to get a basic handle on this view point, I do but it was never really my thing.

supersymmetry and holographic universes?

it’s source is infinitely far away projecting inwards to our give the appearance of our 3D surface, dunno?

is seeing the truth of ourselves in an observable universe more significant than being an infinitely small region of many observable realities?

is realising this wisdom something that make us truly significant, can this be found without others?

we need others, they define who we are to them, I am nobody for example.

just an infinitely far aware surface projecting inwardly, assuming its all coming from my mind projecting outwardly, and with both being simultaneously true.

so I think it’s me perceiving the universe from my center of all observations, my mind?

the reality being it’s others that define my existence here, and it appears they all need help.

so I advise prayer.

science is all well and good but if a hangry bear tears down my door looking for food how am I gonna survive?

if we have nothing to pray to, then pray to nothing that it becomes something, it’s your projected mind after all.

pray to your teachers,
your scientists,
pray to your leaders,
your gurus, please!

please listen to me,
people are suffering,
please help,
people are dying, right now!

right now, see others,
they are suffering,
right now, they need help,
they are dying, say a prayer!

say a prayer for the hungry,
give them food, fool,
say a prayer for the poorest,
give them resources, give me strength!

give me strength to bare suffering,
it will happen in this world,
give me strength to carry on,
it will come, the pain, regardless.

regardless of my pain,
we carry on regardless,
regardless of obstructions,
we carry out pain, times up.

times up on our good health,
gone with our age,
times up on our world,
gone with our body, now rest.

now rest,
you're tired,
now rest,
find peace.

anyway, PBS Space Time on YouTube is a really good watch for one qualified in the sciences, the presenter’s got a good manner about him too.

– Alperbt De Ptertachithec, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString