crikey Tony, you could’ve just asked

mainstream media is just a self-view reinforcing mirror of it’s supporters, the readers and viewers of newspapers and broadcasters

while it’s this, it’s meaningless to me

stock image of someone having the coolest day of their lives when all of a sudden the wind picks up and lands a dirty racist fascist propaganda machine rag and leaves the stain of lies, corruption and theft on the innocent hearts of all

come to me and tell me with all your heart that you believe in the stuff you read without questioning it

I am right therefore I must be right

why am I right

I’m wrong because I tell you you’re wrong

like children in a playground, grown ups only from now on, the cult of childhood is being ended by the ruling classes

they can’t stand the fact that those that are different from them are allowed to have childhoods

stock image designed to elicit a cute reaction from most, a blank reaction from the rich, and a hungry reaction from the desperate

childhoods are for humans not animals

enjoy your roast dinner, with British lamb

I’m right only a small amount of the time, usually when everything goes quiet, bar the sound of the mains powered electrical appliances, it’s deafening to my autistic ears

I’m a bit of a slasher-phobe though, so I prefer to focus on defence rather than offense

I remember adverts for British lamb

old advert for British lamb, it’s ever so easy apparently, kids are usually easy to kill, that’s why we cherish them all, even the ones we eat

we farm sheep for wool

we also eat their babies

stock image of a piece of wood stuck in a big dog turd, smells like dead things

think about it, think, I mean WTAF

humans have assumed they are predators, but they have a choice, that’s free will, the strongest animals are vegetarians, just saying

stock image of aliens driving away from an overlord race of energy beings, they refused to pay their energy bill on mass and bankrupted the energy beings causing them to go into alien public ownership, right on, down with alien Thatcher

across the fan board all this shz is too much

slow it down, calm it down for a while, celebrate when we finally win

the game is to work out which view is correct before the time runs out

geological scale clocks are ticking faster

do we continue supporting a system that is actively destroying our biome

do we choose to cherish life

do we choose to apply it to all life

stock photo that appeared first when searching for “impressive outcome”, uncertain why this is impressive, what does it mean, are they friends, are they more, is she using her psychic abilities to give him his fortune, is he refusing to kiss her hand, what is going on here

to sustain and maintain the status quo should start with the one we live in

I want to uphold tradition, I choose the tradition of ecological democratic socialism

it’s aims must be to maintain the natural balance with the same kindness the earth grants us just to live here

earth is far more powerful than any weapons we have

even if we let off every explosive, no matter how ridiculously powerful it is, at the same time

earth will still be here, whizzing like a mad marble gravitationally rollercoasting through spacetime

life will still be here, probably a bit simpler than before, but still evolving into something else

stock image of my preferred view of white supremacists, an empty chair cuz they all got smart and realised they were being dicks, and stopped doing it

white people are white cause they need to absorb more sunlight for vitamin d production

hardly a basis for superiority thinking

white is just superior in the west, a different superior exists to the east

the north and south seem to have vanished, it’s all just an invention for the purposes of control

I bow to no one by command, decree or by force

king Rollo stares intently at a slice of cake whilst remembering his new years resolution to lose a bit of weight and get that summer bod ready for the sweet sweet nightmare of being the only heteronormative cis-man on an island of lesbians who have all had a boyfriend once before but never again, hah

I bow within constantly to the enlightened mind, so whether my body bows or not is irrelevant to me

it can never be forced because if seeing my body physically bow to something is all that’s required to get them to f**k off then my body would appear to do it

my body is only relevant as a vehicle to benefit others

my mind is a tool that no one sees

chess is not a game to some, some view it as a tactical training method

out manoeuvre your opponent

what if there is no opponent worth fighting than our own delusions

then peace is my weapon of choice

stock image of a hippy stoned out of their tiny little minds on Julie’s jiggles and Captain crunchies, they will soon be gone and peace with them, don’t be sad you voted for it, you keep voting for the sadness, pain and destruction of others, why be surprised you’re sad, hurting and dying, you need to sacrifice your lives to god capitalism and his trusty sidekick consumerism now, yummy yum yum

I pray that I will die in that peace

I pray that my child goes on to have a long and happy life

I pray your child experiences the same

I pray we all do

stock image of an earthling after another earthling exclaimed “I tawt I taw a puddy tat”, then confirming that they did, the cat farted then turned back and carried on up the dusty path to the theme from the Littlest Hobo

Anon, n.d., Anon, [sprang from a sprung loaded rung that bangs on the bong of a jolly good pong], Anon: Anon

not the zombie apocalypse I’d imagined

ownership of land is a powerful thing

stock image of an idiot who stumbled upon an abandoned train house that is still haunted to this day, locals say that if you call out the name “Great Anglia” three times in the building the ghost train will appear and make you jump slightly

let’s breakdown the theory of land ownership to it’s parts

people eat, their food comes from the land, either as earth grown or produced in a lab

land is where almost everything that sustains our living form comes from, and the sun and stuff

even my existence in the first place comes from the land

to own land is to own the power over life controlling needs

how can someone not own land, it’d be too confusing

this is the same mind as other territorial beings

nationalism is so serious, it’s best kept as a joke and no more

satire is a necessary part of democracy, it allows peaceful opposition in all forms

got this piece when searching simply for satire in the free photo stock library, do you think it’s American, I think it’s American, it looks frivolous, carefree and stu… [for legal reasons I am unable to share anymore of this description as it may offend cancel culture’s supreme leader… woke out humans]

cancel culture is this thing invented by someone for the sole purpose of demeaning someone else’s opinion

dehumanising it

woke should mean awakening, woke is meaningless

woke from what, you think the nightmare’s f***ing over with yet

woke became a hate word

woke is no longer a hate word because it’s f***ing meaningless

for a being to be woke means they have fully awakened to all truth

if you’re still looking for it then you’re searching for the way to wake up

you’re awakening to the true nature of your reality

we’re not our bodies, we’re not our land, we’re not our minds

stock image of a mountain covered in snow, was trying to find a glacier but got bored looking, soz

some pass by like mountains dragged by an ice sheet

passing like a stone through a stream

stock image of a stormtrooper on their day off, standing by a river they just threw an explosive charge into just for shz’n’gigs

the wind in the trees

the clouds drifting through the clear blue sky

why such a rollercoaster of experiences

you’ve done them before and you’re still suffering

argue against me, please

double check my facts, question them

root out my motivation

why would anyone post such things

only stock image that returned for a search for spastic, sometimes I type highly inappropriate things into search engine to see what crazy comes back, in this instance the word spastic came back with sheep, go figure

no credit asked for

no credit given

credit cards are a strong enabler of capitalism, just sayin

debt makes money appear from nowhere

it’s dark magic, an ancient and sophisticated jinn

conversation with such a thing is difficult, it only talks to others that also control banks

banks are an old idea, keep what is valuable to you in the hands of someone who likes valuable things

stock image of an unknown person, even to themselves, holding up a child, perhaps they’re sightseeing and the child has just decided to go limp and not walk anymore, they do that

just a perspective, not the only one, just different

thieves like valuable things too

the desperate crave basic needs, food and shelter

if the desperate steal it’s because if they didn’t they’d die, it’s like war

if you’re in a war and encounter food do you wait for whoever owns the loaf on the ground

do you just take what your family needs

do what your family needs

stock image of a family, don’t know who they are, don’t even know if they’re related to each other, it looks wet

fight for your families needs, not your leaders

nationalism is a tool, made of tools

each one functions to suppress the people, comatose them while making them productive for the CEO of the UK

the board of directors of a country

who’re yours

your prime minister, president or supreme leader

their cabinet, party or governors

tools include thugs, mobs, activist saboteurs, spinners, fearmongers, youths hah

youths are the future, and you despair

who taught them, you did

who’s at fault, you

stock image of a dog, they’re either hungry or horny, don’t know, don’t want to know

our world, our future, our lives

take responsibility for who you put in charge, a little more socialist democratic thinking

a lot less capitalist, consumerism will only consume not sustain

sustain means giving back to the society that has given us the freedom to become so rich, so share

hard work is another one in the overlord’s arsenal

hard work is fine, but watch how much of your hard work is ending up in the pocket of the rich one at the top

socialism is not a political choice

stock image from search for socialist, hah, they’re peasants who play chess, is that right, Christmas on a bike, what… who… I have no words…

is any ism a political choice

if it is, maybe it shouldn’t

make money, it’s fine

people obviously think whatever you’re doing warrants great reward

just don’t get carried away with the taking, people might think you’re taking the pish

if I were Scottish I’d want away from the English too

stock image taken from a TARDIS porn site, I have cropped the naughty bits from the image as they were extremely graphic and physically arousing

the UK is over, good riddance, finally the world sighs a relief

so sad that a country that was respected for it’s perceived honour, tradition and respectable behaviour hah

ask the countries that think the monarchy shouldn’t be their head of state, what a semiotic bargain bucket

that’s what the monarch is leaving us with

didn’t have responsibility, so showed insufficient responsibility

just looking after the family again, like all of us

just not us too

so why am I paying 7p a year for something pointless

in 70 years I’d have enough for a low-end phone

perhaps I should unsubscribe from streaming services

maybe I could just give up on technology, return to a simpler existence

live on 100g of pasta per day and an apple on special occasions, like when I visit the local snake-oil salesman for a treatment for malnutrition

huddle in warm corners covered in sheep hair

drink tea, just not Chinese or Indian


just find peace however you want, just leave me alone if yours involves hurting anyone

I’m not a good enemy, I’m an even worse friend

keep me close and I promise I will convert you or you’ll walk away bored

get violent and you’ll be seeing things at night you wished you didn’t

either way, don’t care

help or don’t do anything please

no one is trying to take your stuff

if they are they’re either thieves or desperate, pray they’re thieves

stock image of some spack-heads having a spack-attack round the back of Roland’s love-shack and Café Quicksnack

Anon, n.d., Anon, [imagined thought by the writer of a romance series based around a secret society of zombies that successfully infiltrate human society and fall in love with their food and each other], Anon: Anon