don’t mone

a parody AI generated image of the Tory peer Michelle Mone

markets groan,

everyone falls down.

they’ve all gone,

yachting it off

into the sun.

tan so crisp,

crackling bits,

smallest feed tonight.

to them were all ants,

trying to get into their pants,

and touch their dough.

off with their hands,

the madman expands,

blocking sense along with him.

power is given,

when taken it’s prison,

bid this when it’s time to protest.

– InkeyString, 2022

“..depressing domestic emergencies..”, sunak 2022

AI generated image of a snake with teeth

is this what we choose to lead us,

( we didn’t, he never won a general election..)

so why is he there,

“..cuz the old cuntries swear..”

{..then we may have a curse..}

a curse on the small

will be the same for us all.

so why is it good to be cruel?

sociopaths, I ask by means of logic,

a human

masking as a computer.

or maybe just the last vestige

of an autistic boy

now finding the truth

is not so sweet

when you’re grovelling at their feet.

do we want a depressed proven incompetent

running the country?

are we mad,

are we sick!?

I try not to shout,

passive aggressive is all I can give out,

if I were to allow more

then this old man would definitely not live.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

as a buddhist I would not wish to think this

just because I survived this long it doesn’t mean it will continue,

history teaches us that no phenomena is eternal,

I will be gone one day, maybe before we hit 50 degree C,

I will be glad to be free from this.

but for my child I feel remorse,

I should’ve done more to stop the multi-billionaire multi-national multi-massacres over there!

it’s each of our responsibilities to choose the correct path,

the path that leads to a better future,

not the final downfall of the age of humans.

drive your cars powered by fossils,

fly your jets to blazing hot futures,

leave all our children the ashes and embers.

space is big, so big, it’s not worth trying to explore it,

at least while our planet burns.

solve the environment for all living things,

replant what is needed,

use the sunlight, reflect it, convert it.

bring the winds to help power our conversion,

we need to slow down unnecessary wants,

seek answers from experts,

the most powerful leaders in the world need to do as they’re told!

in the past such power would kill us,

but what happens when the people have little to lose?

some die, some hide, some fight.

do we believe in a deity?

good time to pray to be saved?

I’m in a human world, this is a human mess, one of human’s last tests.

so humans will have to solve it,

all humans must be guided to this.

if we pray to the sky without sitting beneath a tree,

we expire there blown into history.

“..cancel all debt, collapse the capitalist system..”

would that be so bad?

what if we opted for democratic green socialism?

this was never the ussr,

not the rise of the reds,

“..those commie bastards!.”

these were never socialist countries.

they were dictatorships without democracy.

if a buddhist was to comment on this, they may say,

“..stop disturbing me, my thoughts are away..”

so if politics means little to me, why do I bother?

I have a child, their future is my cover.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

left, right, left centralist right

are you on this political spectrum?

some say everyone is because everything’s political,

not everything is political to many though.

some people don’t question if the cake they eat is vegan,

some don’t know where their stuff grows,

or even how anything flows.

our oldest ancestors would be shocked to see us,

they’d be amazed and scared at what their descendants became,

burners of the world,

caring nothing for their ancestors struggles,

or their descendants futures.

“..we want to go on holiday, big capital boss rewarded us..”

working for what?

to the future of who?

“..our children you fool!.”

so stop pumping pollution into the water,

stop greenhousing the air,

stop gouging holes in the earth to release her wealth.

like burning the roof and floor to keep yourself warm!

in a different world the technology evolved in balance with nature,

it was slow and in this it’s wisdom grew.

population was stable because of good maternity care,

people grew old and accepted life’s truth,

some grew older than methuselah,

knowing the cycle has always been,

and the cycle will never end.

some knew the greatest of wisdom laid outside of the boundaries imposed within them,

they guided these great people to enlightenment,

now these people are extinct.

all passed beyond sorrow,

no longer in our world,

gone forever, the last of the thousand.

soon it will be time for us all to go,

leave a legacy of kindness as the only thing the future knows.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if I were ed the libdem…

if I were ed the libdem I would bring back the sdp-liberal alliance again,

rejig the whole lot with the greens, become state funded professional hippies.

would’ya vote for that?

if left labour wants to join then the eco-sdp-liberal alliance becomes the eco-socialist-liberal alliance,

or the esl alliance, pronounced esall.

so would you vote for the esall alliance?

or known by supporters as the eap (the esall alliance party).

would you vote for the eap party (as everyone in the media calls it)?

“..they say eap by nature, a bit crap..”

“..they can never lay a punch on old blue balls..”

“..but on average 60% of the population support them..”

“..but labour keep cocking it up and not pushing through proportional representation, they’re as nuck-fuckle as the fudge-sniffing tories..”

join the alliance, make labour small if we have to,

the warning to labour is screw over the people and you’ll be in the same trouble as the tories,

loyal labour, please for the love of fucking whatever, question your leaders and expect honest answers!

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

it started with a good summer

uk as hot as spain,

didn’t have to pay for a plane,

sunning ourselves raw,

beachfront like africa.

living in new charterton on sea,

population fully employed by the city,

fully controlled by a minority.

this minority are rich, privileged and lucky,

they inherit their board of director’s jobs,

they keep it in the family.

sun keeps shining,

concrete keeps cool,

the trees are under glass,

the beach is covered in filth.

the employees of one of earth’s hells,

wished they could be somewhere else,

not trapped by their own sovereignty,

once willing investors in their calamity.

they were once an empire,

long ago, hard to believe.

they act like petulant children,

“..throwing their toys out the pram..”

“..cutting their noses off to spite their faces..”

“..chucking out their babies with the bathwater..”

hard to conceive why people would do this,

scared by their own press into believing the worse,

controlled by the moguls, barons, and terfs.

shouting at people who are trying to help,

destroy their peace with hatred and grief.

why did they choose those that cared only for themselves?

to me the tory will forever be in the same bracket as other fascists,

they expound the agenda of the national front, bnp and ukip,

the tories died after 2016,

they sold our score to the worse of their core,

please choose banning the tories as an extremist party,

neoliberalism has proven itself to be nothing but destructive to all life.

so enjoy your good summers,

they’ll get longer and hotter,

burn your fossil fuels to keep it pumping up stronger,

have a barbecue on the patio earth,

watch it burn while you’re cocooned on musk city moon.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

story of cost and sacrifice

when asked,

“..would you like a sustainable future?.”

the humans asked,

“ much?.”

it’s sustainable, that’s the point,

just some of your time and energy.

if you ask “ much?.” again I swear I might get angry,

you don’t get it, no cost to life,

this is the first downfall, that we kill.

we say life’s a circle in nature,

the way is to exist in this,

staying here is not sustaining,

the earth’s quite clear, we need to start changing.

I’d like to say that this is not literally,

but times up, I’m afraid, missed your chance to be saved.

the gods or the planets, the burning light or absorbing amulets,

don’t matter what you believe,

plant more trees, just plant more trees.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

more daunting than mount doom

and if I had a penny for every gammon rubbing sausage…

and if the turkey ran up that hill to die…

and if that turd splashes down on your crown..

and if you look at that petty mask,

would you take that to task,

or would you chuck it out like the rest?

courting the slimy smoked backed porkers,

in the shit of the gender squawkers,

the pathway to more riches for the rich,

more slavery for the universally credited.

in their defence,

“..they’re dangerously incompetent..”

may their numbers collapse,

as the complete of their deceit,

reaches fever pitch,

the chants of the enraged,

take their toll on the deranged,

the mordaunts of horror take honour.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

why did tories become fascists

dunno, conservatives obviously got distracted,

looking at their bank balances and taxes,

prudence turned to obsession.

the tories have to be fascists because it’s the only way they will retain power,

the young won’t vote for them,

the pensioners are dying for them,

the educated know what they’ve done,

the sycophant won’t notice until they’re done.

donated by tax avoiding non doms that won’t pay their way,

to a ruling elite that leads us astray.

sounds like we’re still ruled by foreign powers,

“..hey! gammon you think brexit is done?.”

“ like being surfed by murdoch’s scum..”

“ enjoy your hate poured by harms-worthlesses piss..”

watch as they reveal what they really think of you,

they want you to kill that mother over there,

you’re supporting the ripping-apart political-malware.

the tories end has to be concreted,

if you’re conservative know the tories need outing.

if you’re serious about this country stop fucking shouting,

talk to others,

understand you can’t have a majority government in a minority of hands.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

why johnson’s an idiot

his presence in government is a god send,

he reveals all it’s secrets that condescend,

every devious trick the tory has flipped,

from rigging elections by redefining the conditions,

stealing the power from independent commissions,

every little farce they blow out their arse,

we watch as they bring hatred to our children.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString