no to freedom of speech

no to body autonomy,

“..smack my ketchup..”

“..fart importer..”

“..never bender..”

“..lord’s old porker..”

if I can’t hit,

then why can I spit

bile and hatred.

ripped apart at the edges,

incitement to excitement,

“..watching people drown again..”

are you free to spill bollocks

from out your mouth?

yes, should you alter?

“..nah, we like a car crash!.”

so some want to listen,

“ their racist tradition..”

the freedom to feel hatred,

the freedom to steal everything,

the freedom to die without

cry of remorse

for what hope cried aloud.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

repurposing a conservative

to uphold traditional ways of doing things,

whatever they may be.

but why do some who call themselves conservative,

choose to dismantle traditional things such as the NHS.

of course privateer health won’t understand that,

so they will happily pull apart our planet.

they’ve been doing it so long we’re complicit,

how stupid can stupid get?

what do you think the traditional bbc of old radio would say about TVs heyday?

what did the first pensioners to experience the NHS feel anyway?

these moments in British history now ruined by the traditional treachery.

to me I’m conserved about the waste we produce,

the energy we use,

the concern that nature is going away.

I have little reason to feel joy at what tomorrow’s child will inherit,

we didn’t stop the terrorist ideology, the neoliberalist’s ultimate dream,

“..the trumpian tory bully boys of harrah balls deep!.”

if one was so inclined to advise,

which I’m not as I’m to decline in favour of peace of mind,

but, if you so wish to confront these abominable demagogues,

then remember that your peace is the shield,

your compassion, your word.

just one vision among many,

choose yours carefully.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if the world had more Corbyns (aka how to live rent free in their heads)

they’d make themselves redundant quite quickly,

once they’d made it fair they’d be out of a here.

this is crazy, why would anyone want to be out of a job?

because they succeeded, the tory’s still there, they don’t care.

when will they succeed?

when they creates a 1000 year reich through thatcher’s mic, the 1000 year brexich is the bitch!

btw, PR is not to negotiate, labour needs to realise.

although if they could out my mp, a tory potpourri, then they could convince me.

but it’s pointless around here, the libdems play here, (the weak legged clegged wheelie bins)

but the libs seem to be good at running a council with tory party constituency backhanders! (may be unfair, fuck it!)

be green people, the earth is on the brink, we’re facing something far worse than uncollected bins!

the powerful know the future is burning, the rich hedge their bets on living in space!

but they did it, major culprits of this mess don’t own it,

the rich and the powerful destroy our lives, we let them for scraps they throw us in tax breaks!

can you afford your healthcare, no, then die, simple equation of the corporation.

privatisation of the NHS is a corporate crime, theft from the people committed by tories throughout time.

vote for the ukippy b.n.peey tories!

vote for the scum that put johnson’s bum on the seat of power! (bye bye boris!)

are you shitted for brains, do you hate yourself and family so much that you’d put nazis in charge!

30% will always be known as the ones that supported the deportation of the innocent,

support the tories, support fascism, their true face being shown in the inhumanity at their core.

you have no argument with me, you deserve to be in the dock of the Hague, facing war crimes and atrocities to humanity.

“..I did the right thing, I have morality, I never supported this rancid johnson regime!.”

if you believe in virtue, believe in the truth, love your people then you will know what I mean.

those that don’t I have no argument with, as I said, just line up over there for your time in the Hague.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

230 million years

it takes this time for us to orbit the galaxy,

in sooner than 58 million years we’ll get to actually see what’s behind the zone of avoidance,

the great attractor will start to fill the sky with more stars!

that’s a long time to wait, maybe we could learn how not to hate,

build a human dinosaur age, 200 million years of humanity!

imagine if we could surpass the monsters of past,

grow bigger, grow stronger, grow into monsters ourselves.

is that what we want, fewer populous?

bigger and stronger underneath, with big heads and sharp teeth?

who wants this to be humanity’s future?

I have a vision of a planet filled with people who understand that together we are stronger,

divided we succumb.

my politics are closest to green,

the others must also be seen,

for without the diversity they despise,

we’re dead in the water, we face demise.

so if people unite against government we can hold them to account,

peacefully of course, but they may deem it witchcraft.

I am Buddhist and fascinated by druids,

I like their way, the stories and the humanity.

the universe is alive with nature and stories,

inject some of the Buddhist way and I’m there dancing away!

the wisdom that realises that the middle is the way,

the path of the non-extremist.

the secret is that some say I lean left,

never leaning right,

but these political wings are just simply another division upheld by nonsensical tradition.

they didn’t exist until some cock invented them!

if we truly wish to wise up and show truth to power then we can’t go wrong in studying some Ghandi,

the way of peace demonstrates power in the masses,

trouble is it takes great suffering for the masses to amass!

let’s skip the great suffering middleman and just agree to a common goal for all,

we all do not want to suffer, we all want happiness.

this common goal is only argued against by the imbecile,

so wrapped in their blanket of hate,

they choke on their acts to disintegrate.

so much pain, they hurt without realising the worst,

the acts they commit plant the seeds of their defeat.

no-one needs to act against them,

they just need reminding now and again.

remind them of the memorial wall of hearts,

remind them of the Irish as they suffered, troubles and tyranny.

remind them of Turing, remind them of castration,

remind them of all the illegal abortions,

remind them of all the women that died.

remind them of the Holocaust,

remind them that racism and fascism spreads lies.

it is not the desperate for sanctuary that’s the problem,

it’s the nazis that run the tabloids that exploit them.

look at their front pages over their entire life, if you buy them then you fund them, making you a conspirator to their lies.

“ can’t tell me what to read, free speech and all that!.”

of course, so did you ban peaceful protest?

your hypocrisy gains attention of the old darkness of vengeance,

don’t you feel the rage that surrounds like a cage?

the path to peace is not paved with murderers, oppressors and thieves.

if we wish for hell upon others then hell is what we create.

look to the wise, be inspired by the humanities,

wealth is within, only a mistaken mind sees it externally.

whatever we own we lose at the end,

maybe wisdom is who we are?

some are like mountains of virtue,

some are like pits that go down to the hot hell.

every thought, word and deed is the world we leave,

growing into whatever.

as we stand we are mad, travelling circles in the sand,

returning again and again to the suffering.

break the chains of the incorrect mind,

sit in peace destroying the thief,

with kindness and scientific ways.

meditation is key to this mystery,

train the mind, train reality.

so do we think humanity will survive,

230 million years of being alive?

I hope humanity grows small, so there’s more food for us all.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

strange devil

are we sure that what we believe is really there?

think about it, think about guns, get violence, sounds fair?

think about money, get capitalists.

think about leaders, get despots.

would it be too much to suggest,

we make sure the rich don’t control the powerful,

why do you follow these trinket obsessed manics?

the musk of the zucks just about bezos the gates of jobs that murdochs the branson harmsworth.

under the influence of Tony Benn, 2022

do you see, you read, you digest their fear and their hate,

soon your world is full of chaos and coke!

things crashing and burning,

stuff going up in the flames,

of uncontrolled desire yearning,

for the stuff that just shames.

the capitalist desire in stealth has been killing the population for it’s wealth,

your nan sits on a bus inhaling pandemonium,

then the kids, sorry, the capitalist of this mind is very far from being kind.

you have cancer, you pay for it,

your kid has cancer, you pay for it,

can’t afford the insurance, does dog hate you?

loved before marriage, that’s why dog hates you?

loved your own kind, dog hates freedom of mind?

ok, crosses on the right, zeros on the left?

maybe, nutjobs never right vs nutjobs who’re bereft?

two armies of centralists battling it out every day!

give it rest, some of us prefer nature, that ain’t left right or centraluckinest!

plant more trees, if you please,

make England all green and pleasant again.

encourage others to plant more, the answer is trees,

we can grow some of them fast,

mop up the carbon, clean up the dust.

worldwide, more trees, more trees, more trees,

give incentive to those who make money from their brand that trees pay profitably enough for all land.

grow a few more trees and the planet gets to breath,

it’s the same message from the 80s,

the leaders are still doing the same things.

carbon neutral is a start, but carbon negative is where to be,

sucking more carbon from the atmosphere, you see,

and make loads of carbon based things.

cool as in not burning, in case it minced your souls.

I’ll stop here, before I say something unfair,

I’m not a tory, I don’t lie, I don’t treat people as less,

the failed tories manifestation of capitalists despair,

the only goal is to feel sad for the loss,

of all their stuff, that they stole through bluff.

now manifesting their darkness in neoliberalist clap chatters and smirks,

“..look what I did, I fooled the old voter..”

“ for me, the neoliberalist wannabe..”

“..but you ain’t regan or thatcher, always just secondary..”

socialism started its decay when kindness was taken away,

remember, socialism is not a political wing, it’s kindness against neoliberalism.

socialists should be kind, how else do they help mind?

maybe I’m wrong, in which case you must be right [bows sarcastically flippin the cancer tester].

yoda needs a rest, you now go,

go now, take a test,

he’s nearly gone, that’s first battle done,

now on to the rest!

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

that 1000 year norman rich itch

the tories and monarch are some of the last of this empire,

I’d prefer a pre-norman pre-roman monarchy, a chief (non-gendered term, we’re not French).

I’m not sure that anglo-saxon is something I admire?

why start such an inflammatory fire‽

spiritual preference; Christianity is not my religion, I relate more to pre-roman Celtic systems,

something’s not fair here, there’s a massive difference in air:

the rich have never been so rich, while the poor have never been so poor,

the system is broken.

the people who do the most nowt have all the money, power and clout.

they now wield it with aggressive determination,

a joke turned personal.

tories joke about those that have less than those, punch down old clown, the hole you dig is your home.

invite death to the masses, the fools kill themselves,

driven to unmask in the boris-embers of musky negativity.

“..the expert is wrong, the idiot is king..”!

promoted through failure, he’s been fired for less than this!

they keep him, tories are ridiculous,

always have been, just look into thatcher’s eyes of the 90s.

look at old blair, sir blair of the charmed hair,

is bj the same, all smiles hiding disdain.

just listen to Gyles, he enters, amuses, and smiles,

and he revealed that mps loathe seeing their watches.

remember, if you’re not one of them, one of those in charge,

then you’re the rest with so much less.

they took too much, sometimes 41 times as much,

remember, if you’re one of the rest then you’re a worker, that’s the test.

workers will be pressed by their employers without solidarity with the oppressed,

the daily main-stream-media are wrong winged,

always are when they oppose you and the Gurkhas.

I show my age, I’m not old I just remember every experience I’m told,

I try to learn from my mistakes of pride in my takes,

dump the news, bbc, you’re no good actually.

“..public broadcasting..” you say, looks like propaganda for the state.

looks like that nice sir oswald has changed into hitler’s bumhole,

rather than churchillian in his admirers!

big shite is alright,

he don’t care if he’s liked,

he don’t care if he’s churchill or mosley!

btw, I had a blood test someday and the results are just in,

apparently the gp no longer takes appointments???

no staff you see, not striking just resigning,

private health will kill people like me,

the disabled apparently?

I couldn’t afford to live to be as old as the queen,

I don’t have that kind of cash!

so if I’m to be executed by the tories and their electorate, then grant me one wish?

that my son gets to live in a good world.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

isn’t believing the stereotype limiting

say rather than believing in the stereotypes of others we believe the ones others have of us.

how do a couple of regular guys from Idaho see English people, tea and colonialism I’m going to guess.

it’s fairish, although I drink more coffee than tea, and more water than coffee, or at least trying to.

don’t believe the stereotypes of others or self, they are always wrong anywhere outside comedy.

some things are not joke material (imo, not universally accepted), but who am I to judge someone else’s sense of humour.

I find myself laughing when I consider the irony of the place those who cause harm to others wish to experience, a hot world with lots of extreme passion and the strong possibility of death.

I reject this choice of world, our experience is a product of our actions, if the world is full of fear then isn’t it my mind that experiences this, not the world.

who’s telling me the world is something to be feared, is this born of my experience which is the result of past experiences.

so if I can understand these past experiences in the light of this wisdom maybe I gain control over my mind.

does it correct my current actions though, I suggest only partially, it’s usually only partially, wave-particle duality and all that bumph.

so if I was to say a stereotype should be describable by a quantifiable set of qualities, say three qualities (arbitrary choice not an assumption).

I am a shy man, doesn’t need more than that if anyone met me.

so people don’t speak to me, my stereotype doesn’t do me any favours.

I saw this a few years ago and realised I believed it too, thanks to school reports, “…quiet boy who needs more confidence in himself…”

what I found out in the last few years is that I’m not quiet, I can’t be bothered to chitchat with other people, it’s pointless to me.

I don’t sit well in any stereotype, even gender wise, that’s another story.

the only reason I have no confidence is because I keep believing the stereotype my schools gave me.

how can anyone else know who you are, only the possessor of these qualities can know this answer, anyone else should look at themselves carefully before casting judgement on others.

we may see someone doing something so terrible that judgement is the only thing worth giving them, is this true?

I feel it’s true but would like to posit something that is evidence based rather than just emotional.

I’m not trying to find something within me here, it’s out there somewhere, that person who did the big wrong, so where’s the evidence that proves that they need to be dealt with.

perhaps a photo of the criminal act, albeit a fineable rather than custodial, this would be strong evidence, maybe.

I don’t want to give an out, but isn’t this one of the jobs of the devil’s advocate, casting doubt upon an accusation.

isn’t reasonable doubt reasonable, how to quantify a quality judgement, can’t be done, so it’s internal judgement again.

we internally judge others, even in law, why is my judgement so important, surely I should be questioning myself now.

what am I left with, a gapping hole in my understanding of everything, a great ignorance about what reality is.

scientific realism needs an overhaul, it’s incapable of describing internal mental processes, the brain is not the mind, the mind is not the brain.

the mind is formless, it functions to perceive and understand objects.

the brain is fatty, it helps to keep the body alive and is essentially a biochemical organic computer, utilising quantum effects, possibly.

so who programmed it, who controls it, computers always have a controller, like a watch must’ve had a watchmaker, no this is a poor argument.

the universe, biology, mind is simply the result of an incomprehensible series of events over an inconceivable span of time.

we are here because we have to be, how else could the universe ask this inane question, the answer lies in realising this inane-ness.

the answer is beyond what can be written down, only the path can be described.

the journey to the City of London isn’t the same as the City of London, I personally prefer the journey away from there, but the analogy works well enough.

City of London is basically the after effect of having been a part of the Roman empire, I’m Celtic/Viking/Semitic by biology so I’m not a fan of Romans.

anyway enough of the history lesson that may help us understand why the English are the way they are, or the way I am.

it’s just another source of stereotypes, patriotism and all that bumph, I don’t consciously buy into this, unconscious biases considered.

this is not for corporate guidance, I care little for the existence of corporations, I care about the people who have chosen to give their time to them.

so again a stereotype, are all corporations deserving of my judgement, after all think of all the good they do for the poor, starving, diseased, or the climate crisis, war and criminality.

very little from what I have seen, corporations seem to be determined to inflate all these problems, not solve them.

so why do you work for them, because you need money, but why do your bosses have so much more than you, are they more important?

when did someone first tell us we weren’t important, we’re all important, just not more important than anyone else.

so corporate boss human why do you think you’re more important, cuz you’re richer, cuz you’re cleverer, cuz you’re more blessed, cuz you’re just effin brilliant!

nonsensical warblings, no one is more important than anyone else, no living being is more important than any other living being.

this is logical, it’s evidenced in its lack of evidence of my supreme importance, I am no more (or less) important than any other person.

this helps clear away the stereotypes, people who like -isms are restricted by this stereotype-like thinking.

if it’s important then be my guest, just don’t step outside the boundaries of comedy, keep the leadership of people to the wise, not the funnymen.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if I said I was pro EU does that make me a traitor

treasonous for whom?

why would supporting people closest to our land be a bad idea, isn’t that what the European dream is?

a federation of member states that are friends with the US.

sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it.

so why is my gut telling me otherwise?

who fed me this information, was it the client journalist?

at the top the client CEO, big boss, number one employer.

more deserving than the rest, to the tune of billions, they think?

not true, just supported by the outer parties, we’re just the proles,

old fools that never break from the chains of the boss,

always desiring the kerching of the latest thing,

and dying by their weight that comes with this history.

are we more than the narratives others gave us,

our own stories, tales and our searches for truth.

so who tells me “who’s the enemy”, they say this thereabouts,

why do I not trust them, and give them the benefit of the doubt?

it’s something I don’t do, they’ve proven to me what they’re about,

they want all of our belongings, and we let them take them,

from the time to be humans,

to the futures of our kids,

the disaster capitalists, liars, and men or maybe pigs?

are these people or concepts? this is the discussion.

I lied it’s a monologue, now shut up and listen.

the old gods are still here, beneath our feet,

in the the sky they still whizz like their gods of the limitless, they’d do well to consider the eye of the sun.

that’s the real god of the monstrously large,

the biggest and fattest body of matter, just 8 light minutes away,

is this what is meant by the slang “christ on a bike”? no offense meant, I should add.

it just seems right when we consider the god of the sun,

our almighty giver of life and destroyer of stuff.

do we consider that we’re just stuff floating around a big ball of plasma?

that’s quite mad if you really think about it,

this is why to me most seem quite mad,

with their love islands of bronze, golden and rich,

or at least they wished that they had the wealth for these meaningless trinkets.

take our food and our shelter and I will call on the gods,

the ones that thunder and storm, raise the rivers to overflow,

can’t do this, I’m too small, too unwise, and just thick.

that’s what makes us feel better now, disarming the demon,

but what if the demon is nothing more than part of ourselves?

just another label we placed on this thing we call “self”.

so who protects me, ultimately, from hurting myself?

this is the realising your potential to be so much greater than Ra,

become fully enlightened,

the desired goddesses and gods of the 33 heavens,

will nod with respect and admiration

for those that keep peace,

keep compassion,

keep kindness,

keep fearlessness to their deaths.

they are the ones that develop minds of great wisdom,

the ones that respect all that lives, including the forgotten and hidden.

the one that watches the fly to protect it,

against the ones that care little for the sanctuary of life.

watch those that scorn the living that are dying just moments away,

past your doors and your streets, across the whole globe,

our deaths seem so small and so trivial when compared to the rest.

that is true in a way, but not quite on the mark,

our death as a stat is terribly tiny, but our worth as potential shines brighter than blighty,

not trivial, but no more important than all of the rest.

planet earth is changing faster than before,

no living memory has ever seen it, we have only old scriptures.

they talk of floods, disease, pestilence and plague,

they talk of gods, superior beings, saviours of people.

where are these gods now we’ve nearly forgotten them, not quite old ones,

you were just having a sleep,

great mother of earth, please be kind to those that care.

those that care for others with no reward from the society that’s divided by class, skin and bones.

they owe us nothing and we owe them less,

they lie to divide us, they’ve succeeded, but we can still moan these groans.

take my groaning and whinging from me then you take my Britishness,

it’s all shit, that’s just it, to any old Brit.

ask the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish,

they say it’s shit, most of it,

do they want to acquit from being Brit?

the English are taught arrogance by a ruling elitist click,

we doth our cap while we shovel down all of their shit,

mop it up through our eyes, noses and mouths,

they’re killing our kids, can’t stand them messing with it.

they need to go now, leave, don’t ever come back,

they shamed their country, their people, and their own wives,

they shamed the earth and the life’s rarity,

they shamed themselves.

they show only semblance of contrition,

like a mask disguising their sneering grimacing.

their faces aged fast, that ruling class,

when they punch down to the ground.

they’d do well to read some Confucius, Lao Tzu as well,

they might learn how to govern with wisdom and balance.

instead we get manchilds and spoilt brats,

“inferior people”, translators have said, from Confucius I think,

these people in charge are inferior,

inferior to their potential to be the kindest of all.

imagine that, choosing a leader who is balanced and wise.

a leader who consults with others who are wise,

takes suffering from their people,

giving back the peace and safety we wish for.

let’s find those leaders after disarming the cretins in charge,

ask them to organise, direct and advise,

those that care more for others than their own lives.

these are the ones that inspire us all to be fearless,

the ones that do more to level the score against the poor odds.

those that never rise to personal jibes from the journalist’s client.

always balanced, never fazed by the hot air of the argument,

they’re the good ones, the ones that know how to make wine,

you know, the ones that are experts in something or other.

we need to listen far more to the silence that’s given,

not taken from us by thieves that stole our time,

or false profits that hide blood from under the noses,

the investor capitalist and their tools for making some dough.

they’ll keep the dough and sell it back at great profit as half baked bread.

this is killing me, and many more, to see all this pain,

my eyes dry more as I tire of compassion,

I try more to be kind, but my pride in my people is dying.

while our leaders seem like invaders, destroying our country,

they take more of what is us and flog it to the oldest of boys.

the need to be watched, just watched, and simply wished away.

this is the spell if you wish, the simplest of wishes,

don’t do harm and you will come to no unsightly endings.

so to answer the question, no it’s not treasonous to support humanity,

those who say otherwise look like fools and village idiots!

– Doti Mithowlin-Brow, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

school uniform is balls

the reason given is that it levels the children, the rich ones wear the same as the poor ones.

but this wouldn’t happen if capitalism didn’t serve to divide up the people as a fundamental part of it’s methodology.

so parents have to pay out for a uniform to ensure the broke system doesn’t get shown up for the bullshit it is.

– Grandiflorum Archison, 2022

shouldn’t something happen if the monarch despises their prime minister?

long time ago I believed in the creator represented by Christian CoE symbolism,

I believed in castles and queens, kings and knights,

the old guard and authority, all now ash in the fires of duplicity,

the stench of liar no longer stained in the 148 that helped.

thank you, good people, I knew you were there amongst the filth of the liar, the thief of the mire,

the gutter press is in the gutter because that’s where the trash goes after we’ve wiped out the crap.

the mire is the cesspit of the disease of the banker and thieves,

remember this on polling day,

remember this when you’re old and gray (or maybe gay).

the tories did it to themselves, so ashamed they want to throw the election!

Christ on the proverbial bike, forgive me, I say things that can offend,

no offense is meant.

unless you threaten my family, friends or people,

then I may break,

who wouldn’t shake.

maybe I’ll awake as a naga or snake?

pray neither happens, it wouldn’t be good for liars or lairds,

all land is theft? but I worked for my land!

families worked hard to make things easier,

they made the NHS, pensions, holidays, and unions.

YES I said it, that word that the tories do hate,

“those socialists are mad, look at them scream and shout!”

they shout for the least to that sodding beast,

they shout for the rights of those that are in need most,

why is this so bad, it’s sad, it’s not just a fad.

socialists are always there, they’re the ones who give care,

they’re the people who help.

if it seems too simplistic, it is, but attention is so fleeting,

if I can’t offer physical presence, the least I can do is encourage support from affluence?

this philanthropy, where the rich get rich by spending their wealth,

that seems good, so why is my gut like wood?

all of these labels draw different conclusions,

maybe there’s something in that, or maybe my mind’s gone splat?

anyway, the liar in chief, the world king, prime minister has just won a marginal vote of confidence from his party, hooray for us!

ain’t we the lucky ones, thanks tory mps that voted for that,

your vote shows your total compliance with the fascist rule of lying, cheating, and narcissistic minds!

many of us will remember and tell our children,

this stain is unlikely to ever shift, because some of it came with blood!

if killing old folks, the disabled, and young is tory policy then you voted for this!

is it some great prank on the nation, you put the intern in charge!

the bully boy bum and his insertable cabinet,

all dildos for the PMs rancid arse!

I go too far, I’m sorry, no offense was meant,

I said sorry?

is that what we say when we dance the night away,

to ABBAs old songs, boos, spunks, and bongs?

while a famous old lady grieved for her life partner buried the next day.

tories, old tories, it looks like your story is coming to an end,

you bring nothing but blight, spittle and spite!

be gone demon,

sick of the sight,

the sound of your lies burns us deep inside!

am I angry? no I’m just dancing with flies.

I may as well be the walking dead,

confined to an adjustable bed,

tubes poking out from every snout,

racked with fear,

that’s what they want old dear.

they want your heat, your veg and your meat,

they told you people that cared couldn’t be trusted, because they’re foreign.

so you lost your kind nurse to someone that takes from your purse.

the tories never helped, they committed a massive fraud,

over 100s of years they’ve fed off your fears,

they asked you tell on your neighbours, start the witch hunt with party favours.

all manifestations of kindness are supported by socialism, this is what it means at its political core.

if you don’t care, believe the shite the liars spew, then you don’t deserve the food the farmer grew.

you are no country folk of mine, go live over there where they all hate and despair.

they can no more divide, rule and conquer,

this ends now before it’s too late, the world will not wait.

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