no right or left

a simple painting of a number 9 relaxing on some grass

just the old joke,

the ones that have

and the ones that hain’t,

don’t matter what wing you swing,

are you good to those

that do good come what may?

rejoice in the care givers,

shower them with gifts,

give them a fair wage

for the lives they save.

fully funded,

people owned,

renationalised health service.

the tories fear the cost to their peer,

the rich man,

the landlord,

the proverbial fat cat.

it ain’t foreigners that I fear,

it’s that government up there,

their behaviour is illegal,

without mandate to govern,

any of us here.

they decree that we need poverty,

while they scrimp on necessity,

take bribes from the donors,

give vip contracts for their coffers.

complicit in this are all mps

that say nothing,

avoid the spotlight,

distract with jungle bollocks,

that’ll keep ’em quiet.

all the time they sell our health

down the creek,

along with our waste

straight out into the sea.

we demand an election,

the echo chamber shouts out,

no response from the elite,

it just didn’t have the clout.

maybe I will died in westminster’s square,

disgust the snowflakes

that can’t begin to bare,

that some will die by their command,

whether willing soldiers,

or cold and hungry old nan.

for want of a way,

just to say,

please, no matter how you see it,

the state of the tory party

is terminally shit,

they no longer govern,

they rule,

they show us cruelty,

they make us small.

if you wish to be free,

stop tolerating the ignorance,

the billionaires fowl fragrance,

bullingdon eton boy’s fall.

stop the repeated futility,

of voting for that inability,

the incompetent buffoon,

is only a leader to fools,

be better and listen

to all the suffering calls.

stop listening to the racists,

the fascists and the rapists,

the criminals in power,

the insurrectionist coward.

the one that lies so deep inside,

you refuse to admit the dupe did it,

the mop haired fake shyster,

grabbed your pussy

and made you liked it.

dear friend,

if I may,

just say,

you can now go away,

never to be seen again.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

“..depressing domestic emergencies..”, sunak 2022

AI generated image of a snake with teeth

is this what we choose to lead us,

( we didn’t, he never won a general election..)

so why is he there,

“..cuz the old cuntries swear..”

{..then we may have a curse..}

a curse on the small

will be the same for us all.

so why is it good to be cruel?

sociopaths, I ask by means of logic,

a human

masking as a computer.

or maybe just the last vestige

of an autistic boy

now finding the truth

is not so sweet

when you’re grovelling at their feet.

do we want a depressed proven incompetent

running the country?

are we mad,

are we sick!?

I try not to shout,

passive aggressive is all I can give out,

if I were to allow more

then this old man would definitely not live.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

spiral down in reverse

AI generated image of lots of silhouetted humanoids floating and appearing out of falling rocks. A blood sea and muted psychedelic sky

bee like a tree

nothing better to see

down the old shelter

while bombs come pelter

the good old days

full of golden water

bloody sunlit bloody uplands

matt handjob’s dead persons

truss the economic grenade

bye bye tory bastard

you won’t be saved

(btw bojo wasn’t included)

(that one needs silence)

(bloody lying bloody bastard)

(piss off with farage)

(leavers enjoying it yet?)

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

hunker bunker

nonsense grifter,

suited faker,

piss taker.

poor starving,

old freezing,

heads flying,

better hiding.

nonsense hunting,

cut funding,

mass striking,

moral bankrupting.

nonsense invader,

pound weaker,

failed financier,

better hunker,

nonsense bunker.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the swellenman (gone but never forgiven)

they’re a contender, get out of here!

every additional thing they say gets worse by the day!

they pump the depths of neoliberalist catastrophe!

they’re a rot, a weed without seed,

they’re nourished by their depravity,

but what if they’re all the dead cat?

delay, deny, bluster is all cholesterol clot musters!

they’re all planning to be the worst,

trying to save the slime king’s curse!

have they grown hearts?

have they grown brains?

have they become humanitarian?

or have they all gone insane?

watch this farce nightmare fantasy,

play out in the house of tragedy.

braying rabid mules taking us for fools,

like their hand isn’t showing?

we should know by now they only kowtow,

to the god of billionaires, the paradise of escape,

while the rest endure destruction and rape!

when sunak is described as a socialist,

because he’s summoned thatcher’s fundamentalist,

something in the world quite special has died,

the good sense that we were born with.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

like hotdog water sold as a health drink

the tories are picking a new leader,

or should I say a select few tories,

the ones with their wrinkled gammon eyes,

spying more places they can hide,

all the wealth of the nation’s pride.

they say it’s like picking the best portaloo at glastonbury,

or your favourite sewage pipe in a shit factory,

who can out transphobe the next anal probe,

the turds that stick to that barrel!

who will offer the best kicking for your #GoNads

the one that smiles the widest and promises the worst advertised.

propagandise the scared mail sun reader,

advertise their compliance to the mogul leader,

who will scatter the most shite on your front page,

while excusing themselves with drunk rage.

ask your forgiveness as they pick flesh from your innards.

just wise up to the diatribes of tory bribes,

the murdoch, the dacre,

the ponce fucking harms-twattery.

the sunak now gives a crap,

about the failing of the previous sunak.

the truss in their selfied gaze,

has just poured tea into the irish hosiery.

the gobby spite of the terminally right,

patel’s got form as always.

a form to drown those that flee from the rounds,

of bullets that fly from wallace’s arms trade.

the braver the man, sue ellen’s woman,

who seems to be confused with what’s hanging.

they’re all obsessed with what the rest’s got between their legs,

porn in the pews,

now in the tractor news,

blowjobs in office with offers from boris.

sexual abuse by the member without whips, the mass debater,

carries on much like before.

they’re all pus-cake filled with coke and hate,

the choice of best cardiac arrest,

in a lone icu gasping for breath.

the tastiest scum floating down the river wee,

the sweatiest bollock sack you’ll ever see,

the mouse droppings in brine carted out as benign,

the bogey berries hanging on their vomit vine.

this ain’t the lot, there’s still plenty of snot,

swimming around in that tory clot.

this is polite, I’d like you to know,

but this anger still grows.

save yourselves, scum tory,

call a general election then most of you go free,

barring certain criminal entities.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if the world had more Corbyns (aka how to live rent free in their heads)

they’d make themselves redundant quite quickly,

once they’d made it fair they’d be out of a here.

this is crazy, why would anyone want to be out of a job?

because they succeeded, the tory’s still there, they don’t care.

when will they succeed?

when they creates a 1000 year reich through thatcher’s mic, the 1000 year brexich is the bitch!

btw, PR is not to negotiate, labour needs to realise.

although if they could out my mp, a tory potpourri, then they could convince me.

but it’s pointless around here, the libdems play here, (the weak legged clegged wheelie bins)

but the libs seem to be good at running a council with tory party constituency backhanders! (may be unfair, fuck it!)

be green people, the earth is on the brink, we’re facing something far worse than uncollected bins!

the powerful know the future is burning, the rich hedge their bets on living in space!

but they did it, major culprits of this mess don’t own it,

the rich and the powerful destroy our lives, we let them for scraps they throw us in tax breaks!

can you afford your healthcare, no, then die, simple equation of the corporation.

privatisation of the NHS is a corporate crime, theft from the people committed by tories throughout time.

vote for the ukippy b.n.peey tories!

vote for the scum that put johnson’s bum on the seat of power! (bye bye boris!)

are you shitted for brains, do you hate yourself and family so much that you’d put nazis in charge!

30% will always be known as the ones that supported the deportation of the innocent,

support the tories, support fascism, their true face being shown in the inhumanity at their core.

you have no argument with me, you deserve to be in the dock of the Hague, facing war crimes and atrocities to humanity.

“..I did the right thing, I have morality, I never supported this rancid johnson regime!.”

if you believe in virtue, believe in the truth, love your people then you will know what I mean.

those that don’t I have no argument with, as I said, just line up over there for your time in the Hague.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

introspective meditation gone mad

in the process of waking my mind to it’s nature,

I thought I was a peaceful and mindful meditator,

but as I released my buttoned down refrains,

stopped pretending the quiet facade was well trained,

it turned out I’m actually (to somes dismay),

a non-binary, left reactionary, nut-case!

an irritating autistic with a beard full of biscuits,

a nut kicking old punk raging at those tory cunts,

“..string him up by his nads and beat wiff waffian pads!.”

but he’d probably enjoy it, that deviant tory!

time to move to a great land, maybe a New Zealand?

where the Jacinda is fair, a lot fairer than here,

or maybe just get swept away,

by the Scots and their right to say,

the English were wrong all along.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

shouldn’t something happen if the monarch despises their prime minister?

long time ago I believed in the creator represented by Christian CoE symbolism,

I believed in castles and queens, kings and knights,

the old guard and authority, all now ash in the fires of duplicity,

the stench of liar no longer stained in the 148 that helped.

thank you, good people, I knew you were there amongst the filth of the liar, the thief of the mire,

the gutter press is in the gutter because that’s where the trash goes after we’ve wiped out the crap.

the mire is the cesspit of the disease of the banker and thieves,

remember this on polling day,

remember this when you’re old and gray (or maybe gay).

the tories did it to themselves, so ashamed they want to throw the election!

Christ on the proverbial bike, forgive me, I say things that can offend,

no offense is meant.

unless you threaten my family, friends or people,

then I may break,

who wouldn’t shake.

maybe I’ll awake as a naga or snake?

pray neither happens, it wouldn’t be good for liars or lairds,

all land is theft? but I worked for my land!

families worked hard to make things easier,

they made the NHS, pensions, holidays, and unions.

YES I said it, that word that the tories do hate,

“those socialists are mad, look at them scream and shout!”

they shout for the least to that sodding beast,

they shout for the rights of those that are in need most,

why is this so bad, it’s sad, it’s not just a fad.

socialists are always there, they’re the ones who give care,

they’re the people who help.

if it seems too simplistic, it is, but attention is so fleeting,

if I can’t offer physical presence, the least I can do is encourage support from affluence?

this philanthropy, where the rich get rich by spending their wealth,

that seems good, so why is my gut like wood?

all of these labels draw different conclusions,

maybe there’s something in that, or maybe my mind’s gone splat?

anyway, the liar in chief, the world king, prime minister has just won a marginal vote of confidence from his party, hooray for us!

ain’t we the lucky ones, thanks tory mps that voted for that,

your vote shows your total compliance with the fascist rule of lying, cheating, and narcissistic minds!

many of us will remember and tell our children,

this stain is unlikely to ever shift, because some of it came with blood!

if killing old folks, the disabled, and young is tory policy then you voted for this!

is it some great prank on the nation, you put the intern in charge!

the bully boy bum and his insertable cabinet,

all dildos for the PMs rancid arse!

I go too far, I’m sorry, no offense was meant,

I said sorry?

is that what we say when we dance the night away,

to ABBAs old songs, boos, spunks, and bongs?

while a famous old lady grieved for her life partner buried the next day.

tories, old tories, it looks like your story is coming to an end,

you bring nothing but blight, spittle and spite!

be gone demon,

sick of the sight,

the sound of your lies burns us deep inside!

am I angry? no I’m just dancing with flies.

I may as well be the walking dead,

confined to an adjustable bed,

tubes poking out from every snout,

racked with fear,

that’s what they want old dear.

they want your heat, your veg and your meat,

they told you people that cared couldn’t be trusted, because they’re foreign.

so you lost your kind nurse to someone that takes from your purse.

the tories never helped, they committed a massive fraud,

over 100s of years they’ve fed off your fears,

they asked you tell on your neighbours, start the witch hunt with party favours.

all manifestations of kindness are supported by socialism, this is what it means at its political core.

if you don’t care, believe the shite the liars spew, then you don’t deserve the food the farmer grew.

you are no country folk of mine, go live over there where they all hate and despair.

they can no more divide, rule and conquer,

this ends now before it’s too late, the world will not wait.

audio visual version

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString